Comic 54 - The Indigo Experience - Page 13

12th Mar 2020, 9:15 AM in The Indigo Experience
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The Indigo Experience - Page 13
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CrayonQueen 12th Mar 2020, 9:15 AM edit delete
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Things picking up....


Guest 12th Mar 2020, 9:16 AM edit delete reply
that jump in logic though............. Pi have you seen Indigo stare at hot dudes before? we've been robbed
Shamshel 12th Mar 2020, 9:29 AM edit delete reply
But what if Indigo is somewhere on the asexual/aromantic spectrum?
yee 12th Mar 2020, 10:50 AM edit delete reply
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I Agree With This
Random person 12th Mar 2020, 11:10 AM edit delete reply
I mean... he does have the asexual color scheme
KipOfTheMany 12th Mar 2020, 4:35 PM edit delete reply
I appreciate you bringing it up. It is a possibility!
Jaakusan 13th Mar 2020, 2:13 AM edit delete reply
Either way would be fantastic but this would be Extra Fantastic
Vertex 17th Mar 2020, 4:47 AM edit delete reply
That would be a blessing
Guest 17th Mar 2020, 8:30 AM edit delete reply
Yes! Please let him be ace, there are so few characters that are, I want to be able to relate!
!AJD! 12th Mar 2020, 9:36 AM edit delete reply
yess gay indigoooo
mersharr 12th Mar 2020, 10:16 AM edit delete reply
Why? You interested?
Kitkid 12th Mar 2020, 1:00 PM edit delete reply
Cmdrcarnivore 12th Mar 2020, 3:14 PM edit delete reply
Yay! Indigay! :D
AJ 12th Mar 2020, 3:23 PM edit delete reply
Wow, can’t believe Indigo has been in love with Evets this whole time
Lyss 12th Mar 2020, 5:47 PM edit delete reply
ooooo i remember you saying that he "thought" he was attracted to girls!! are we gonna get aro/ace indigo bc as someone on the aro spectrum i would be elated!
Amer 12th Mar 2020, 7:34 PM edit delete reply
Indigo is here, queer, and filled with fear
QuincyQuinn 13th Mar 2020, 1:02 AM edit delete reply
I have no idea why i did not consider this... tho I really love the idea of aro/ace!Indigo
Just a Loser 13th Mar 2020, 4:58 AM edit delete reply
Me: /slkdjf does this mean that Pi and Indigo can be a t h i n g-/
Me to me: But a r o / a c e Indigo thoooo, the boi can be a perfect and beautiful example of how society puts pressure on kiddos to conform to allonormative ideals even when those don't apply and his slow realization and acceptance of his identity will be BEAUTUFUL
Still me, also to me: Aww, but him and Ylil are cuuute though, it's a good ship with an interesting dynamic, and they can help one another understand different things and grow in different ways,,,
Me: Ace Indigo with Ylil, Pi will get another bean who loves him very much and gives him the attention he deserves, if that's something he wants, and otherwise, will be Happy In Other Ways~ It's perfect! ^_^
Indigo, probably: bRoOoO tHaTs GaAaY tHoOoOoO, nOp NoP, i LiKe GoRlS, pReTtY pReTtY gOrLs
the queer one 13th Mar 2020, 5:39 AM edit delete reply
one of us one of us one of us o
Oof 13th Mar 2020, 7:32 AM edit delete reply
There's a lot of Tumblr cringe in this comment section- Hot damn
Anonymous 13th Mar 2020, 9:53 AM edit delete reply
Well that's because 95% of the fandom's content is on Tumblr. So I guess that's what we'll get. Might as well leave people be
Anonymous #2 13th Mar 2020, 11:38 AM edit delete reply
I love how people talking about Indigo possibly being aro ace is also considered "Tumblr Cringe" just MMMMMM
Withercat1 13th Mar 2020, 3:02 PM edit delete reply
I’m hoping he turns out to be ace, he seemed to really like Ylil and they had good chemistry together
Sans 13th Mar 2020, 8:23 PM edit delete reply
I kinda shipped Indigo and the judge..
Creeperman6777 15th Mar 2020, 10:36 PM edit delete reply
Yeah me too man
kevansevans 14th Mar 2020, 1:39 AM edit delete reply
I hope the next relationship chapter involves Rylie and her parents.
Kenji 15th Mar 2020, 11:12 AM edit delete reply
Okay....but Pi x Indigo is adorable I mean- LOOK AT PIS FACE IN THE LAST PANEL. They are c u t e
MatPat 15th Mar 2020, 10:35 PM edit delete reply
Wa wa wa 16th Mar 2020, 12:22 PM edit delete reply
What does step is sis so sis sis sis sis e fixings. Zumba woooooooooooooo
Guest 17th Mar 2020, 7:10 AM edit delete reply
Can't be certain but leaning towards Asexual Heteromantic.
[REDACTED] 1st Jul 2020, 8:22 PM edit delete reply
Is Indigo gay? Homoromantic, maybe ace? Or aro? I guess we’ll find out!! :)